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De plus, il apprend qu'il avait une complice, aussi une ex-détenue.
Now, let Berkeley International be another one of them.

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Some episode was more like fan service which delayed pretty much the storyline but still enjoyable.Some character are pretty much cute, and enjoyable to the core.Next to Themes setting the backdrop for the protagonists in anime, there are the more detailed plot Elements that centre on character interactions: "What do characters do to each other or what is done to them? Is it violent Action, an awe-inspiring Adventure in a foreign place, the gripping life of a Detective, a slapstick Comedy, an Ecchi Harem anime, a Sci Fi epic, or some Fantasy travelling adventure?Anime whose central struggle causes hilarious results.Action anime usually involve a fairly straightforward story of good guys versus bad guys, where most disputes are resolved by using physical force.It often contains a lot of shooting, explosions and fighting.Source: ANN Every once in a while, a show you expect to be really bad will just walk right up to you and smack you on the face. Although there are many different shows 'like this one', this show has a surprisingly near-perfect mix of numerous different elements that just work so well together, producing a surprisingly good watch.

For one, the characters and settings are actually normal.

A show with a predominantly female cast has mostly females as main and secondary cast members while few if any male characters have major roles.

This also applies when a male lead is surrounded by females of lesser individual plot relevance, such as in a harem setting.

With Japan having developed as a maritime nation, it becomes necessary to have specialized schools to teach skills essential to protect the sea. The girls who enroll here study to become blue mermaids through classroom instruction and learning practical skills.

They live by the motto: In the sea we live, the sea we protect, and by the sea we go.