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Carbon 14 dating greek artifacts

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According to Gardiner’s opinion, “if we may venture to extract the essence of Ipuwer’s discourse, we shall find that the things which he thought to conduce to the happily-constituted state are three: a patriotic attitude in resisting foes from within and from without; piety towards the gods; and the guiding hand of a wise and energetic ruler”.Gardiner’s interpretation of the message in the papyrus differs from that of Dr.The possibility of some truth in the biblical narrative of the OT has militant atheists up in arms for good reason. Truth of biblical narrative of the OT does not mean evidence of Yahweh or God, just remember that.Your dogmatic acceptance of a chronology that rests entirely on a 200-year old correlation and identification of Shishaq with Shoshenq I, reminds me a lot of the blind acceptance of God by the very group of people you appear to be scornful of.Although this papyrus was brought out of its hidden place in 1828, it was not until 1909 that Alan Gardiner challenged the document and began studying its content.

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The origin of acquisition regarding this document is obscure.It was in possession of the Greek diplomat and merchant Yianni Anastasiou who claimed that the papyrus was discovered at Memphis, in the Saqqara region.It is currently housed at the National Archaeological Museum in Leiden, Netherlands.The papyrus is fully inscribed from beginning to end on both sides.It consists of 17 complete and incomplete columns of writing.The ancient Egyptians called their land Kemet (meaning "Black land”.) by the way, the words pyramid and sphynx are also Greek words. NTR, spoken most likely as Per-Neter which meant “house of the god” and sphynx Shesepankh, which meant "living image”.