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First library allow and manage Wi Fi connections while the second handle sending and receiving UDP packages.

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The NTP job is to synchronize all network participants to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) within a few milliseconds.To accomplish this task it uses the to estimate accurate time from different noisy sources.NTP can maintain time with a precision under 50 milliseconds over the public Internet and under 5 milliseconds in a LAN environment.A NTP server is is a hierarchical, semi-layered system of levels of clocks.See below NTP strata levels: There are many factors that can affect the accuracy of time synchronized by NTP.char ssid[] = "*************"; // your network SSID (name) char pass[] = "********"; // your network password unsigned int local Port = 2390; // local port to listen for UDP packets /* Don't hardwire the IP address or we won't get the benefits of the pool.