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Brief history of ang dating daan

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I am almost tempted to believe that the preferred theme song for the program should be Barbara Streissand’s version of 2. very improper especially when applied to the Most High. If you want to check their WORD WAR you can check the You Tubes.

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queryinput= Comment: It’s been a long time since Bro. Dear CFD if you think that Catholicism doctrines is supported by the Holy Bible then “prove it” by challenging our sensible preachers Bro. Daniel Razon for a live tv debate, Nationwide so that all people could watch..

I mean Excommunication in a very Christian form worst than the Anathema Sit of the Council of Trent against the Protestants and heretics.

Soriano preferred the Pauline language of: “Giving over to Satan”.

-17 -Tito -Mark 7:7-8(KJV) Tradition of the Jew -Rom.15:4 -1 Cor. (Ang Biblia = Cebuano Translation of King James Version) “Susiha ninyo gikan sa basahon ni Jehova, ug basaha: walay usa niini nga mawala, walay makulangan sa iyang kauban; ka yang akong baba, kini nagsugo na ug ang iyang Espiritu, maoy nagtigum kanila.” Isa.

(New King James Version) “Search from the book of the LORD and read: Not one of these shall fail; Not one shall lack her mate.