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He has also tutored on Summer Schools in Northern Ireland and University Brass Days at Durham University and at Mahidol University in Thailand.

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FORD TAURUS AMERICAS BEST-SELUNG CAR.' When we created the Taurus Wagon, we created a wagon unlike any other.

Spudis Vanished Greatness 70 Celestial Events Gail s. The boiled pana can also be mashed and a little flour added to make pasteles — pies filled with stewed beef, pork, or chicken.

And, for an added measure of safety, dual air bags** are standard and ABS is available on every Taurus Wagon. You'll see that it's more than just an impressive wagon . "Driver and right front passenger supplemental restraint system. When you look at what's shown here or think about what goes on here, you begin to get, not answers, but clues or pathways to thinking about where you fit in, both biologically and culturally. We have an attitude problem about sci- ence in this country. I think that this Museum can play a unique role in informing the At an exhibit under construction. Putter stands in front of a Diprotodon, the largest-known marsupial.

The fossil will be on display when the Halls of Mammals and Their Extinct Relatives open at the end of April 1994.

Pollard ("Lit- tle Murders," October 1993) has fallen prey to an old, untested assumption about cryptic arthropods.

He states that the abil- ity of a female crab spider to match flower color "makes her a formidable predator of pollinating insects and affords her some protection from becoming a victim her- self." Vertebrate predators such as birds probably see flower colors as we do, so a color-matched spider may be missed.