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The before-and-after photos were so striking in their contrast that they were used on billboards throughout North America and Europe as a way to warn people against falling prey to meth addiction.

Her hair looks frazzled, her teeth are decaying, her skin is pale and marked with spots.One of those animals had a microchip in the animal.We were able to identify that animal and the owner had received ashes.'The animal was a cat that was supposedly cremated in 2013 at Katy's Pet Cemetery and Crematory.Pet owners affected by the alleged scheme still have the option to file a civil complaint against Katy's Pet Cemetery and Crematory.In remains unclear why the cemetery kept the animals in the freezer.Animal rescue volunteer Richie Rich said he made the discovery while he was searching for a lost dog in South Pekin.'We were out there searching for a dog named Cosmo, a great dane,' Rich told local CBS broadcaster WMBD on Thursday.