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One incident that stands out in their minds is the mystery of how the epilogue of the book came about.

The dashboard looks great and Bing integration is awesome, but I'm very unhappy about the new Netflix interface.

Then, one snowy January night in 1984, a man came to their door selling coupons for the local chamber of commerce.

When the marriage broke up in 1960, Bette focused increasingly on her work and her family—B.

Back in May, Jimmy Page told The New York Times that Plant was “just playing games” with him, but the singer’s quip about his supposed availability in 2014 was likely just a flip attempt to de-fang an excruciatingly tiresome question.

Quotidian as our co-ordinates are, they have resonance: my interviewee says that it was 800 yards from where we are sitting that he first saw Bukka White and Son House, and of course it was at another Hyatt – the one on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles that Zeppelin dubbed “The Riot House” – that much of the debauchery linked to the band allegedly took place back in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

For the most part, the priapic Golden God of old draws upon “the restraint and quietude” he learned while singing with the bluegrass artist Alison Krauss on 2007’s Grammy-grabbing album, Raising Sand.’ It was a lovely moment and we were chortling away like two Laughing Policemen.

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Today, there will be no riding of motorcycles down hotel corridors, just Plant, now almost 66, enthusing about works by Rubens and Caravaggio he recently saw in Dresden, or telling how he once disturbed Bob Dylan putting a sock on to ask him about “Spider” John Koerner.

Though there’s a genre-hopping, intercontinental bent to the music, lyrically the record is a reflective and deeply personal work about coming home.

I had sunglasses on and my hair was up in a top-knot.

With them comes inevitable speculation about a reunion.