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another man leaving her in the trenches as he thinks he's found the bigger better deal. If I have time, I'll deal with all the weak or questionable lust, fornication, and one flesh arguments later.Celebicy is unnatural and very unhealthy, people who practice it don't live as long.We all have a strong sexual desire and if it's not given to someone in marriage than we are most likely to fall to sexual sins. We are sexual beings, God made us this way, sex is perfectly fine and something to be enjoyed as long as it is in the right confines. Some Christians are celibate because they are reading a message from Paul about Marriage and temptation and it better to remain single, however they are taking the verse out of context.A Christian man dating a woman should take heed to his vulnerability. It's also not good for woman to be alone trying to take care of children on her own as the ex-husband jumped ship abandoning his responsibilities to his wife and children. You should not have to pay for what the last guy did to her. Paul was actually addressing a group of men who were being sexually tempted by Pagan Women, and if they were to mate with them they would be involved in false religions. Now that we've heard from the standard conservative traditionalist view, I feel it necessary to show the other side of the argument.I personally don't believe there should be any intimate contact prior to marriage. No wonder woman are on the economic bandwagon trying to adjust to be the head of the home. Their mind transitions to "I'll just be alone and do it by myself". I find that many women don't want to deal with a guy that wants to wait for sex. Paul was saying that it is better to be single than to be married to non Godly women, and if they are sexually tempted (as all of us men are) then they need to find a Christian woman to marry to satisfy their sexual urges. I personally think the paranoia over all froms of premarital not just biblically questionable, but at times, even downright laughable.Take away the occasion of stumbling knowing the weakness in our fallen nature. I'm dealing with this issue right now with a beautiful Christian lady. I have not yet met one that was cool with celibacy and waiting for marriage. Definitely not an easy thing to deal with as a christian. Since I don't have alot of time the moment, I'll start with cartoon bears!!!

It may not have a reason like that of religion or any other commitment.I'd love to continue to pursue her, but I think she is having trust issues as her ex husband left her for another woman. I dated a single mother before so I can relate to your predicament. ( discussing the more progressive side) Does Christianity forbid sex before marriage?She's concerned she's going to be worse off than before.. - You Tube This doesn't cover everything I'm sure will be brought up, but its a start.It could be a lifestyle choice for those who believe in it.With these instructions and support from those around you (and perhaps a guide from above), you can lead a celibate life.I'd love to continue to pursue her, but I think she is having trust issues as her ex husband left her for another woman.