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Using the previous Samsung link I provided, from there, you can download the actual Owners Manual.This will have a great deal of info and may help you out more so than what I've posted.Redwood To update my last post, I have now solved the viewing from a web browser as well as on a smartphone, so I have it working fully.This was no thanks to Samsung and their manuals or their on-line technical help, who had no idea at all.I have wireless internet at work and have the cameras set up to view in the workshop, but i can't get it connected to my home computer, i'm not too good with computers, only basics.Ths set-up on the DVR looks like this... mask Protocolproto type TCPport TCP 554port UDP 8000multicast ip settingsip address 7900Trans pic settings Webviewer port settingsport 8080I have a NETGEAR router at work, please any help would be great, i really don't know where to turn, Thanks in advance guys There's a lot of Samsung DVR units out there... Some use the Samsung Smartview software, while others may use the "websamsung" link to view the cameras.

Are you trying to view the cameras from your PC, from a cell phone, or from another type of device (tablet, etc)?For instance, an older Samsung DVR, depending on model number may use the websamsung link like the one below so the camera owner can view his/her cameras online with X-Browser via a computer, smartphone or tablet: "x's" would be your actual numeric IP address) If you were to copy & paste that link into a Browser (using YOUR IP address in place of the "x's AND providing your PORT is also 8080), once you hit enter, you should get a pop-up prompt that asks for User ID and Password.If you enter those correctly, then the next pop up should be the actual camera views, as well as configuration tabs, etc.Is your router secure - meaning, for the wireless settings, do you have to enter indvidual MAC addresses into it for those devices to transmit through the router?If so, you may need to enter the MAC address from the DVR into the router.When i take my laptop to work and use smart viewer software i am able to get the live feed up on it and can move the cameras etc with my laptop, thats using my works wireless internet.