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When I used to try them out The best program that I knew of was Cybermistress. But it was still the most complete one out there.) But the author took the program off line and asked that distribution be stopped as far as I know. It's been a long time ago, but I've searched all over for one and never found anything good. You will prob be better off getting into a community like this one or one that fits your fetish and trying to meet a real cyber mistress. the site is this site, once you log in (totally free) expects you to return at the allotted time she tells you to come back. Would be really nice if they got rid of the weak cartoon and put hot images up. I ended up getting about 2 min worth of stroking before I go to then end and I gambled and got to cum. This time i didn't gamble and she told me to come back tomorrow at 4pm (in 32 hours) lol not really sure how that math works but i it does kinda add to the risk lol I have also been in search of a virtual dominatrix for A LONG time, believe me you're better off just forgetting about, I haven't found anything out there that's more than have way interesting for me, personally. My suggestion is to get a secondlife account and find a mistress on there.

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To begin with I just thought they were just like any other girlband churning out bubble-gum pop to teenage girls, but it wasn’t long before Frankie from the group became something of an obsession.

I would scour the internet for hours searching for pics of her and jerking my cock at the same time.

She wore a pair of tight denim shorts and on her feet were a pair of shoe-boots with a 4-5 inch heel, the sort of fuck-me shoes she always wore in music videos for The Saturdays.

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Immediately I spun some made up story about a niece who was a massive Saturdays fan, and asked if he could give me any idea as to whereabouts Frankie would hang out, any information he could give about where to find her.The easiest way to get hold of her would be to get to her when she was home alone in her flat, and this was easy enough to achieve.All that was needed was a fake delivery driver uniform and a bit of patience.So somehow I had to get access to her, until I’d figured this out I couldn’t even begin to dream about what I would do to her.It was kind of an accident that a solution to this problem arrived.Not a single part of this story should be taken seriously or literally.