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But that wasn’t an easy thing to unravel.’ Good thing that they did, because this was the romantic result.
Sometimes a dancer would come in looking hard, looking tough.

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In essence you should have made sure you were able to provide for yourself and your child if you wanted to stay at home with her.

The welfare state gives people the least amount of money they need to live on, it is not there to provide you with comfort, you get a lot more in this country than many others, including childcare subsidies, subsidised housing, healthcare, education et al.

How would we feel if it was one of our threads and got a whole load of backlash?

Wouldn't it make us feel a lot worse and lower than we already felt?

So are you only allowed to express an opinion that is in agreement with the person who has written the original post?

Can you point out where people are being nasty please?

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Your individual situation is nothing to do with Shiny Dave (and don't think I am any kind of fan) and everything to do with yourself.I am in agreement with you that people should not be ganging up on others, but when you have an opinion like the OP's you are bound to have some honest replies and honesty is not always pretty I am afraid... Of course not everyone is going to agree and there is going to be negative response to the post and of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion I was purely saying that from the way I've read responses that it does sound a bit like the OP is being ganged up on a wee bit.She obviously has some issues that need to be expressed and cleared the pp said if you work 16hours or more you will get most of your child care costs paid for.No one is making you suffer and it has nothing to do with being single.if you want luxuries you have to get yourself working to earn them you have a, not have luxuries and stop moaning about it.....get yourself some work and be a little better off If every mother in this country had the same attitude as you then we'd be in a far worse situation than we are now ... Your individual situation is nothing to do with Shiny Dave (and don't think I am any kind of fan) and everything to do with yourself.