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Ice cream is a frozen dessert, usually made from dairy products such as milk and cream, and often combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavors.

3 are the ordinary words used in Greek music for what we in our music call ' high ' and ' low.' They are not used to denote difference in stress, or strength of utterance.

123 PROCEEDINGS : Preliminary meeting, November, 1868. For a long time the Greeks in writing their language made no attempt to distinguish the syllable which was thus sounded on a higher key: they aimed to represent the substance of their sounds, the different articulations, but not their relative pitch.

TRANSACTIONS OF THE AMERICAN PHILOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION, 1869-70. EVERY Greek word of two or more syllables had one syl- lable which was sounded on a higher key than the rest of the word : thus Xu in Xe Xwcotfu, KE in Xe Xv/ce Wt, *.-oe in Xe Xwoe.

On some Mistaken Notions of Algonkin Grammar, and on Mistranslations of Words from, Eliot's Bible, &c. Here now, on the last syllable of an oxytone word, when in the connection of discourse its higher pitch changes to a lower, the lower pitch is represented in writing ; and represented in the same way as in the latter part of the circumflex accent, that is, by a mark sloping downward to the right, and called ?

The other case relates to oxytone words, where the higher pitch comes at the end of the word and belongs to the last syllable : ayadog, (rrpar Tjyoc- If such a word is followed by other words in immediate grammatical connection, the higher pitch of its last syllable changes to a lower one, as in aya Oos cn-parrtyoe