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Pastor Paula White is now married to Jonathan Cain, a musician, songwriter and a rocker who came from Chicago and is a part of a well-known music group called „The Journey“. She is involved in charities to provide food to the needy people in the United States.

She donates big amounts of money throughout the world to poor people and people in distress.

She gratuated at Seneca Valley High School in Washington D. Today she is not involved with this church she co-founded at all. was the same year she started her TV show called „ to President Donald Trump and was chosen to be one of the pastors to lead a prayer at his inauguration. she was under the investigation by the Senate for suspicious fundraising but three years later the investigation came to a dead end.

Many people believe she is not a true preacher because of her wealth and lifestyle. after she gave birth to her only child, a son named Bradley, from a short marriage with Dean Knight.

She heads a group of evangelical leaders which will provide feedback to the President during his administration.

She sat to the President's right as key Trump supporters discussed the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court in the Roosevelt Room.

The article, which released July 23, claimed the two spent three nights in a five-star hotel Hinn booked under a false name…And now Charisma, flagship magazine for the charismatic movement, has today released Benny Hinn Admits ‘Friendship’ With Paula White But Tells TV Audience It’s Over. Gaines informs us that at a “crusade in Oakland, Calif.” Benny Hinn “admitted” to his “having a ‘friendship’ with fellow” Word Faith mogul Paula White “while he’s still married”.Gaines then explains that Benny Hinn “says the relationship is over” and continues: “A friendship did develop,” Hinn said of White in Oakland on July 30. These people out there are making it sound like we had an affair."I just know it when I feel it." Thicke certainly has moved on in his love life.In December, the 38-year-old singer and his 20-something girlfriend, April Love Geary, heated up Saint Barthélemy, France with their public displays of affection.When she was introduced to the group gathered around the table, who also included Wayne La Pierre, CEO of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Trump said: 'Thank you Paula, and thank you for your help during the campaign.'Trump and White have been friends for 15 years, after he called into a Christian TV station where he had seen her preach to voice his admiration.