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Updating records letter

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Further, if the person entering a customer order has been assigned to a computer terminal but does not have a specific identification number or code, it is acceptable for the broker-dealer to identify the number or code of a computer terminal at which an order was entered.

In either case, upon request by a representative of a securities regulatory authority, the firm must provide the actual identity of the person who entered the order.

In response to the comments received on the Proposing Release, the Commission substantially modified the amendments, and reproposed them to allow for public comment on the modifications.

In response to the reproposal, the Commission received approximately 115 comment letters from various groups, including broker-dealers, law firms representing broker-dealers, industry associations, and State Securities Regulators.

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However, the time recorded must be accurate and this should not be construed as an exception to allow firms to use an approximate time for one or both entries.

Accordingly, many portions of the Books and Records Rule amendments should not present additional burdens for most broker-dealers.

In brief, the amendments to present Rule 17a-3 include revisions to the information that must be recorded on order tickets, and new requirements to: create certain records relating to associated persons; collect certain account record information and verify that information with customers periodically; create a record of customer complaints; create a record indicating compliance with applicable advertising rules; and create records identifying persons responsible for establishing procedures and persons able to explain the broker-dealer's records to a regulator. Memoranda of Brokerage Orders and Dealer Transactions Rule 17a-3 has been amended to require that a brokerage order ticket contain the identity of the associated person, if any, responsible for the account and any other person who entered or accepted the order on behalf of the customer, and whether it was entered subject to discretionary authority.

Further, this modification addresses the concerns of some commenters that without a qualifying phrase, such as "if any," the rule may be interpreted erroneously as placing on firms an affirmative obligation to assign an associated person to each account.

If a firm has assigned identification numbers or codes to the persons entering customer orders to comply with the requirement to record the identity of the person entering customer orders, a broker-dealer may record the identification number or code on the order ticket instead of the associated person's name.