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'Y', meaning Yes, represents that NLM has entered all list items that appear in the published journal article.'N', meaning No, represents that NLM has not entered all list items that appear in the published journal article.It is also possible that an element may be treated differently from the way it would have been treated had the record been created or maintained near the time the article was published. The "Additional information/background" portion at the end of some element descriptions contains historical information or details about the treatment of the element for certain categories of records.Of particular note, details about variations found in records in the OLDMEDLINE subset (records with value OM in ) use "lists" with the corresponding attribute of 'Complete YN".

In addition, some MEDLINE/Pub Med records are added or revised well after the cited article was first published.

A PMID Version attribute value higher than 1 will indicate that there is a citation for at least one prior version (although it might happen, rarely, that a prior version subsequently gets deleted).

is the date processing of the record ends; i.e., Me SH Headings have been added, quality assurance validations are completed, and the completed record subsequently is distributed to Pub Med.

This attribute is to identify the method used to index MEDLINE citations with Me SH terms (e.g.

whether traditional human indexing, machine indexing or an amalgam of the two).