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Invalidating cache in asp net

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The use of caching makes serving a request faster-sometimes much faster-with the obvious result that the number of requests that the web server can serve per unit of time is higher.

From here, you get better throughput for the site and overall better performance.

This feature is supported in both SQL Server 2005 and in SQL Server 2000, although the underlying plumbing is quite different.

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The real challenge today is not much in making web things work; but it’s all in making them work in the real-world: And the real-world is getting wild.Even though all are termed caching, they touch on some very different technologies.The four flavors of web caching are: In all cases, caching saves the web server and running application a lot of work and saves blind recalculation of data that might already be there.For programmatic data caching, we need to create a new Sql Cache Dependency and supply that to the Cache. In the Sql Cache Dependency constructor, you supply two strings.The first is the name of the database you defined in the To test this feature, download the attached demo. Set a break point at the Get Product List method and run in debug mode. Also you can edit the solution and remove the cache dependency and note the deference after update.This task is performed with the aspnet_command-line utility, which is located in the c:\[Win Dir]\Microsoft. To enable notifications, you need to use the -ed command-line switch.