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She tolerated years of his philandering and, to make it worse, had to put up with the master storyteller regaling her with every shabby encounter: ‘He told me several stories I didn’t want to hear, very clinically, with all the sordid details, as if he were a doctor describing his latest surgeries.’Of course, it had not been like this when they first met in 1962.She was working as a casting director at a Manhattan advertising agency when they were introduced by a mutual friend.They both finalised their divorces to their first spouses in 1965 and married each other a few months later in Las Vegas.When Grace became pregnant, Robbins took her to a villa in the South of France. Picasso, who lived in the next village, asked to draw his portrait.

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By the time their gracious host — short, fat, bald and 55 — made his entrance with a towel around his waist, they were as high as kites, though not so far gone that they didn’t wonder why he was leading a young woman carrying a blackboard and pointer into the room.

Robbins’ beautiful trophy wife Grace looked around her bedroom that night in 1969, scanning their six attractive guests — three of each sex, hand-picked by her husband — and didn’t recognise a single one.‘I had never met any of them before, nor would I again after that night,’ she recalls.

But then, as she reveals in her eye-opening new memoirs, one of the many things she learnt from her marriage to Robbins was that not knowing your guests was the key to throwing a successful swingers’ party.

Instead of confronting him she dulled her senses with marijuana, which she started smoking heavily.

Sneaking her away from the party, Davis poured her another drink and, affecting a childlike voice, told her: ‘I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.’ Grace recalls: ‘I did not have time to answer, for suddenly he whipped it out and was, indeed, showing it to me.’‘Lonely and bored’, Grace embarked on a brief affair with Davis.