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Updating gentoo kernel

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After a couple of days of experimentation, I abandoned Windows.

Here’s what convinced me that e OS Luna is a better bet than Windows 7.

But a fresh Luna installation has worked its magic on the dying machine.

That makes me wonder if I could have done without the upgrade to the netbook.

I was ready to give up and resign myself to Windows again when I stumbled upon Luna.

Impressed by its appearance and reviews, I decided to give it a shot.

The Mac-like dock is sufficient to keep your frequently used apps ready for use.

I narrowed down my choices to a couple of Puppy Linux versions, Mac Pup and LXPup.And what can I say about the Pantheon desktop environment that ships with Luna? It’s sleek and elegant, with an appealing simplicity.I haven’t changed a thing except for the wallpaper, and even that is from one of the stock options.I consider the absence of desktop icons a big plus, and in time I have gotten used to it.The Wingpanel – the Linux equivalent of the Windows task bar system tray – is handy, yet discreet and clutterfree.The File Explorer is well planned, and its visual hierarchy makes it easy to find files and folders.