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The handover to 2 Royal Welsh on 29 July marked the end of this time.

Everyone is looking forward to a change as the Battalion joins 1 Brigade and starts to prepare for deploying on Operations in the near future. Despite the persistently soggy weather (made all the more miserable by the swelteringly hot previous few days) Thursday 4th August was a memorable day for 38 soldiers from X Company for several reasons.

I added a MSD Ignition unit to help control detonation under boost.

By providing a pattern of life and serials for the exercising troops, the Fusiliers, be they farmers, builders, mullahs or washing machine salesmen, gave the troops about to deploy to Afghanistan the best possible environment in which to train.

It also gave the Fusiliers an opportunity to think and act as an insurgent.

An artist's impression of the new Memorial is shown below.

It is made from a single piece of dark grey curved granite which ill be polished.