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What was it like performing as a member of the Dead Boys? And I always wanted to be in a band and be a part of something like that, and it felt like I got a little taste of that. I knew a few chords before, but as soon as the lights went down on the crowd, I didn't know what the hell I was doing! But I think it was kind of like how the whole ethos of punk was, just wild. I know you didn't have any major scenes in the bathroom, but those were the actual toilets from CBGB.

What I knew about the Dead Boys before was that they were just insane, so that was fun to play, some of the disgusting things the Dead Boys did. Like when Stana Katic gets the whipped cream and Stiv Bators gets a blow job while performing onstage? So it was kind of cool to see him out of that world and in a completely new environment.

Strangeland is a 1998 American horror film written by Dee Snider and directed by John Pieplow.

It focuses on the body modification underground culture's rituals.

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Hilly Kristal's daughter Lisa, she was on set as well, and she was showing us all these pictures of the actual event. I felt a little self-conscious about getting the movement right, so there was a bit of pressure, but it was special to get to know him.Mike discovers that Captain Howdy (Dee Snider) is into "body art," including significant tattooing, piercing, branding, and scarification.But it is not until Mike's niece Angela Stravelli (Amy Smart) informs him of Genevieve's penchant for meeting strangers through the Internet that Mike gets his first lead. [Laughs.] Doing that scene, Justin really went for it — that, and blowing his nose in the ham. Cheetah Chrome was also on set, and he even did a cameo as a cab driver. It's quite special when you're playing someone as they're watching you on set. It was just amazing to sit with him and talk to him, about when he was so heavily addicted to drugs and living such a wild lifestyle.One night, while Roth's teenage daughter, Kelly, is out, a fearful Roth jumps to the conclusion that Hendricks has taken her.