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Japanese porcelain made at Okawachi, 5 miles north of Arita.Nabeshima is the name of a Japanese prince who founded the Nabeshima kilns at the end of the 17th C.The household wares were made in a pale green glass with no decoration.The flecked and festooned glassware, including jugs, carafes, rolling pins and flasks, which is often called Nailsea glass was almost certainly made elsewhere.It was used to hold a nobleman’s or guest of honour’s wine, eating utensils, or as a ceremonial salt container.The nef was much copied in silver during the 19th C .see: Collecting Antique Glass | History of Antique Glass Also known as namazlyk. Late 19th C French art nouveau design group with a philosophy of combining art with nature, founded by French designer Emile Gallé.Members of the school included the sculptor, painter and designer Victor Prouvé (1858-1943), glass artists Auguste and Antonin daum, and metalworker and cabinet­maker Louis Majorelle .

In Britain architect-designer Robert Adam was the main proponent Ornamental Japanese toggle worn at the waist above the obi or sash.See: Antique Carpets & Tapestry Small case made of wood covered in leather or shagreen, or sometimes silver or enamel, designed to carry travel necessities, such as toiletries or sewing equipment.Necessaires were particularly popular in the 18th C and were also made in the 19th C .Here you will find antique terms and related words and meanings beginning with ‘N’ including descriptions, short histories and associated meanings.Covering coin related terms like noble and glassmakers like Northwood as well as Japanese Netsuke and the great Doulton modeller Charles Noke.The specific luster, iridescence, and coloring of nacre and, therefore, of any pearl which it forms depends on the number and thickness of the various layers, as well as on whether or not the layers overlap one another.