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As Mei's history includes a childhood spent in a labour camp and romantic entanglements during the pro-democracy crackdown, you suspect the novel is Liang's riff on what life might possibly have been like had she stayed in China.Like the narrow alleys Mei scoots down in pursuit of leads, The Eye of Jade and its sequel, Paper Butterfly, out next month, are pleasingly crammed with won-ton restaurants and gambling joints called Luck Come Together; in both books the atmosphere of contemporary Beijing, in which old and new coexist uneasily, is compelling. You can speak against the party, you can be against Communism, and it's not a problem for private individuals.

The woman standing on this west London doorstep has changed all the key elements of her identity: not just her country of residence and profession, but also her nationality, the language she uses at work and home, and even her name.

I'd had enough - horrible to say this - social interaction for the day.'She says she doesn't miss teaching or business. 'I don't know if I was ambitious to start with,' she says, not entirely convincingly. We all have just one life to live, a certain number of years.

'I have never had a concrete idea of what I wanted to be. I like not to be conventional.'Just occasionally, though, she hears the siren call of her old life.

A soft-spoken, self-possessed creature in skinny jeans and Marni wedges, with a curtain of sheeny hair behind which she retreats if the question is not to her liking, Liang is the daughter of two college-educated professionals swept up in the horror of the Cultural Revolution.

In 1970 they were sent with other 'intellectuals' to a labour camp in the mountains of south-west China to be reprogrammed so as to function usefully within Mao's vision of a peasant-based society.