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The point of dating is to get to know people, not to get to know who they want you to think they are.

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Steven Cherry: You mentioned a circumstance where a bride or groom just can’t get to the wedding, maybe one of them is in the hospital.

And Skype’s blog actually describes a marriage where the groom had to be in the hospital and the family went ahead with the big fancy wedding.

And historically it’s been done over the telegraph, it’s been done over the telephone, and now, quite logically and inevitably, it’s being done over Skype. So the general rule here is that a jurisdiction, whether that’s a state of the union or a foreign country, will recognize the marriage performed in another jurisdiction or country if it is valid under that country’s laws. So the offices that register marriage are often inconsistent in their application.

Steven Cherry: The couple that wrote about, New York State forbids proxy marriages, but the laws of Bangladesh allow it, which in turn makes it legal in New York State after all? So if proxy marriage is valid under Bangladeshi law, then New York would end up recognizing the Bangladeshi marriage, but it itself would not end up being a New York marriage. Dante Walkup, who were a gay couple who got married in Dallas and the W Hotel, and, of course, Texas does not allow same-sex marriage, but they beamed in a minister from the District of Columbia, which does allow gay marriage. Steven Cherry: I should mention, and I guess this is in the interest of disclosure, I’m licensed to perform marriages in New York City.

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And what you do is you pay a fairly hefty fee of about US 00 or 00 to have a lawyer or agent go to the courtroom, and I guess the lawyer’s secretary or whomever plays the groom, and the lawyer, male or female, plays the bride, and they essentially have the correct forms, they get the license, and they are married.

And it’s just like any other marriage in a courtroom setting.

Steven Cherry: As the officiant, I’m pretty confident that a hand in marriage is freely given when the ceremony is in person.

People do form attachments that are often on the other side of the planet, and that marriage law has to somehow recognize that.

There are real needs for people to get married when they can’t physically be together.