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She added a touch of summer chic in a pair of thick leather sandals with a buckle around her ankle.

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My wife held on my shoulders and putting her face to my chest, shetried to grab a few winks.

It was impossible for me to get any sleepin the “lurching” situation, so I just held on the handrails for dearlife with both hands.

Sincethe bus was very crowded, even if we didn’t hold on to the handrails,we still pushed against someone or the other.

The very first time, the bus lurched over the corner, my wife waspushed against this old villager on the standing seat but people inthe Indian villages are very accommodating and caring about suchthings and the man didn’t make a fuss and he even helped her get backin her standing position by holding her still with his two hands. I was wearing two pairs of longjohns undermy corduroys and four layers of shirts and undershirts with a warmlarge jacket topping it all.

Her ample ass had landed right in the lap of the oldvillager, who also seemed asleep.

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Shewas also slumping a bit having been dead tired because of not sleepingbefore boarding the bus and for walking 23 miles out of our village.The temple is located at a very high altitude of 8,000m above the sealevel and understandably it is bitterly cold there.Being young, theonly way we could afford to reach there was by a private bus.And like I said it was very crowded, whenever I tried to put my armsaround her waist, I invariably touched other people’s body so I justlet it be.After we passed the outskirts of the small town, to our relief, thedriver switched off the lights and brought the bus into utter darknesswith no light even from the thick forested external environment.There were men of all shapes and sizes on all sides of us.