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Men, on the other hand, see it as nothing more than what it sounds like: sex with no emotional ties, no commitment, nothing.
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But, again, this is something we only have to worry about with a finite Universe and if the Universe is finite (and constantly expanding, like we know it is) then eventually it will stop-expanding and collapse upon itself, turning into a nasty-wasty black hole hell-bent on tearing apart literally everything that exists. Maybe a giant reactionary bang from all everything that ever was being sucked back towards its primeval base– fitting, right?

A boundaryless existence for a boundaryless Universe.

Infinity is a ridiculous concept for the same reason WWE RAW Cage Matches are a ridiculous concept- because when you take out the rules, things start to get real.

If the Universe is finite, we can understand our existence.

Not that we ever would, given that the Universe is dozens and dozens of billions of light years wide, but still, it’s the idea that hurts.

Lets say that the Universe is finite- meaning there is a quantifiable amount of matter in it and not that there are boundaries.

But in the infinite, there is not just one set of outcomes.

Instead of, B pulling A, B and A are totally disconnected.

I’d rather have ambiguity I can understand that some creeping secret hidden in the shadows. Maybe that’s just another mistake mankind has made to attempt to understand something it cannot.

Even on the most remedial terms, we can say “we are because we are” and that make sense.

Some stuff happened and that resulted in me sitting in my living room on a broken foldable chair eating lukewarm pizza rolls– because there is a B, there must have (at one point) been A.

As much as I like words, I’m not going to say that they perpetuate our existence. An understanding that the infinite is not actually infinite, like a train that goes on forever but can never leave its tracks.

Maybe there is no such thing as “the infinite”– maybe there are fuzzy boundaries that direct the limitless matter around us? That allows for free will, that allows for an existence to occur that isn’t constantly being destroyed by it’s own limitless potential, and that allows for an existence to occur that isn’t constantly moving towards collapse and destruction.